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Fabric Dyeing Machines
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AGH series energy saving fabric dyeing machine
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New fabric dyeing machine


AGH series High temperature & High pressure dyeing machine is the environmental protection dyeing machines, designed by Hong Kong Ah Choi Machinery Works, has absorbed advanced design ideas from abroad with low liquor ratio and super environmental protection advantages.
The dyeing machine creates a new kinetic molecular exchange with the translational motion of the dyestuff, a parameter of certain importance is the hydrodynamic limit layer that is a resultant between two speeds, and precisely the speed of the fabric flow and the speed of the dyestuff; the latter always superior to the fabric speed, thus the resistances encountered by dye molecules in motion towards the fabric are reduced, enhanced the dyeing speed and fixing color evenly.
AGH is a low carbon discharge energy saving machine, it can optimize the receipt more effectively than any other dyeing machines while cutting energy consumption, currently its production cost and environmental impact are the lowest in the market.
AGH brings the bath ratio up to 1 : 4- 6 on basic cotton fibers and further lowering it for synthetic fibers
The movement of dyestuff inside the tank takes place with an innovative system that creates a transversal flow with respect to the fabric moving direction.
The longitudinal multi-suction area permits extreme reductions of the liquor ratio and makes the dyestuff flow more smoothly
Feeding system of both Dyestuff and higher dilution chemicals can be dosed from dyestuff tank to the dyeing tank evenly, above technical makes dyeing get perfect performance.
 AGH equipped with new feeding system from dyestuff to nozzles that enables a perfect dyestuff distribution, with an identical delivery per nozzle regardless of the number of nozzles to be fed, the new system definitively removes all delivery differences between nozzles resulting from the preferential paths, absolutely avoid either inhomogeneous distributions or a decrease in the delivery according to the different distance of the feeding point.
The fabric running speed is increased by up to 40% - 50% compared with traditional machine, while ensuring softness, smoothness, no pilling or abrasions.
The new slack-flow & high pressure adjustable nozzle permits an unchanging traction as well as the reduction by 30 – 40% in the nozzle working pressure
AGH is the innovative multi-functional tank designed by AC, this tank integrates the functions of both the preparation tank (YBG) and the second dyestuff tank. This results in an advantageous space saving for the dye house, dissolve and auto dosing directly by preparation tank could solve tank volume issues to dissolute salt and sulphates.
Furthermore, the operator works on the 1st dyestuff tank while the system automatically feeds the dyestuff to either the main tank or the preparation tank according to the preset grogram.(Optional)

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