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       Ah Choi Machinery Limited, located in Dongguan City, China, is  a professional manufacturer of textile dyeing machines. Our products include yarn dyeing machines, fabric dyeing machines and garment dyeing machines etc. It has been a provider of machinery maintenance service & parts since 1968 and started producing textile dyeing machines from 1971.
Ah Choi never stop exploring steps to better the quality of products by continuous research and development.
The main product scope includes:
-- Fabric dyeing machines & towel dyeing Machine; 
-- Hank yarn dyeing machines;
-- Ribbon/tape dyeing machines;
-- P- series garment/pieces dyeing machines;
-- FDR/FDN- series hank yarn dryer and WD- series Loose fibre dryer;
**Fabric dyeing machines include:
1) ABII- series amospheric  Energy-saving Airflow  fabric dyeing machines;
2) ABQ- series Atmospheric Airflow dyeing machine;
3) AGBI- series O-type High Temperature & Pressure overflow dyeing machines;

4) AGBII- series L-type High Temperature & Pressure overfolw dyeing machines; ;

5) AGH- series HT&HP New Energy saving  fabric dyeing machine...etc;

**Yarn dyeing machines include:
1) NSD- series normal temperature jet hank dyeing machines, 
2) AGJ- sereis High temperature jet hank  dyeing machines;
3) Y- series Box type hank dyeing machines;

4) YH- series fulfilled hank dyeing machines,
5) AGN- series new energy-saving high temperature package yarn dyeing machine.

**Ribbon/tape dyeing machine include:
1) NSB- series normal temerature jet tape dyeing machine;

2) AD- series continuous ribbon dyeing machine;

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