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Ribbon Dyeing Machines
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NSB-series spray type tape dyeing machine
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Suitable for dyeing process,before-and-after process of ribbon made of cotton,hemp,synthetic-silk

THE design of main circulation pump

The key to quality-control place on pump providing main circulation,the design of main circulation pump on NSB-series dyeing machine is base on the years of experience of independent design and manufacture of dyeing machines,the pump has low rotational-speed design that improve anti-cavitation ability and prolong the service life.

Adjusting load and current to guarantee dyeing quality

According to client demand,the load of NSB-serices dyeing machine can be resized ,according to different types of ribbon,production,adjust the water volume and pressure to attain perfect dyeing product.

Basic stuctuer

Adopt cylinder nade from high quality anti-corrosion stainless steel

Rod rotation machine with high efficience

Volume control system

Large flow,high efficiency circulation main pump

Feed system ,convenient to manipulate

Heating and cooling system.

Water intake and drainage system

Durable rod

Optional accessory

Automatically controlled by computer

Speed of main pump controlled by frequency converter

Rod bracket machine

Technical parameter

Maximum working pressuer:normal pressuer

Maxinum working temperature:98

Heat ratio;20~98,average:3.2/minute

(work steam pressuer:7Kg/cm2)

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