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Ribbon Dyeing Machines
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AD-series continuous ribbon-dyeing machine
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Suitable for dyeing process,before-and-after process of nylon-ribbon,silk-ribbon,velours-ribbon and elastic.

Manipulate process

Dyeing process including ribbon releasing,dyeing,color fastening,rinsing,ironing,drying,shaping treatment and ribbon resinding is continuously finished step by step,all these will be convenient and fast to manipulate.

Circular feeding system,guarantee the dyeing quality

dyeing bath is ciculated between big and small dye beck by feed pump equipped on AD-series dyeing machine to realize dyeing bath having a equal concentration at different time and space in dye beck,all these guarantee dyeing quality and convenient manipulation.

Basic structure

Stainless steel ribbon-releasing device

Stainless steel dye beck with queeze wheel and circular feeding system

Stainless steel steaming box for color fastening

Stainless steel rinsing beck,with squeeze wheel and keeping heat function

Stainless steel alkali washing beck with wqueeze wheel

Drying roller with high efficiency

Ribbon-rewinding device

Auto adjusting control-system

Optional accessory

High temperature steaming box

Drying device with several roller

Technical parameter

Maxinum working pressure :normal pressure

Out capacity:0~30meter/minute/strip

Working steam pressure:5-7kg/cm2

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