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Loose Stock Dyer & Dryer
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WD Loose Stock Dryer
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WD Loose Stock Dryer

Structure feature:

  1. Specially designed high efficient helical fin heat radiator; machine outside are covered with heat insulating fiber to guarantee heat utilization efficiency.
  2. The conveying plates speed is controlled steplessly to meet different requirement of loose fiber drying. The drying effect is consistent and operation is easy.
  3. Temperature for each chamber is individually controlled to ensure a balanced temperature inside the chamber.
  4. Each drying chamber is equipped with humid-suction pipeline to improve the humid-suction and drying effect.
  5. Large circulating air; high drying efficiency; safe and reliable.
  6. Unique appearance

Main technical data:
Structure: modular block structure, hot air and continuous production.
Drying chambers: 4 chambers
Fiber load width:1440mm
Fiber load height:220mm
Total power:36.8KW
Loose fiber travel speed:660—2970mm/min
Fan plate diameter: 20``
Steam pressure: 0.7Mpa


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