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Yarn Dyeing Machines
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AGJ-Series: H.T. Yarn Dyeing Machine
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AGJ-Series: H.T. Yarn Dyeing Machine


AGJ series high temperature hank dyeing machines are mainly used to dye high temperature hanks, such as terylene-cotton, terylene, terylene-wool, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber, artificial silk, mercerized cotton, nylon, and blended yarns etc.

Structure Features
Main body made of excellent anti-corrosive S.S.
Innovative pump, strong anti-corrosive property, strong spraying capacity even under high temperature.
Internal direct, indirect heating device.
Water flow can be regulated during dyeing process.
Dam-type spraying tube can spray liquor, turn-over and move yarns. This designing can avoid twisting, knotting problems and minimize dyeing waste.
Parameters in controller are programmable to meet different dyeing requirement.
Unique outlook, cover lid open, close and tighten automatically.
Hank size flexible with a max. length of 950mm.
Reliable electric protection system and mechanical safety interlock device.

Basic structure
Auto open and close cover and interlock safety device.
Single inlet and drainage system.
Heating and cooling system can be operated freely.
Durable yarn-hanging rod and brackets.
Flow-regulating system.
Main pump controlled by inverter
Automated controlling system.
Auto feeding system.

Main technical system
Max. working pressure:2.8bar
Max. working temperature:135℃
Heating rate: 3-5℃/min (25--130℃, 7bar dry steam)

Cooling rate: 2.5-4℃/min (130—80℃; 3 bar, 20 ℃ cooling water).


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