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Fabric Dyeing Machines
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ABQ Series-- Atmospheric Airflow Dyeing Machine
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ABQ Series-- Atmospheric Airflow Dyeing Machine


ABQ series dyeing machine is designed on the basis of aerodynamics principles. High-speed air jet is pumped into the nozzle; dyeing liquor is pumped into the nozzle from another pipeline. The vaporous particle of air jet and dyeing liquor mixture will realize a homogenous dyeing effect. Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, the air jet dyeing machines are outstanding in that water is used as the carrier of the dyestuff and the fabric driving force is air jet. It thus can reach a super lower liquor ratio. This is a revolutionary improvement in terms of saving heating time, saving energy and reducing the contamination discharge. Another outstanding factor to be noted is that there will be no crease marks on the fabrics because the fabric can open and move freely after entering into the nozzle.


  1. Super-low and stable liquor ratio.
  2. High repeatability
  3. Homogenous dyeing effect.
  4. Crease marks free
  5. Spraying ringing.
  6. Highly automated.
  7. Better cost-effectiveness

Standard structure and accessory:

1.       Machine body and parts wetted by dye liquid are made of imported superior stainless steel

2.       Lifting roller controlled by inverter independently with automatic fabric tangling and release

3.       High efficient stainless steel centrifugal pump regulated pressure by PID inverter

4.       High efficiency stainless steel centrifugal fan regulated by super-speed inverter

5.       High efficient tube style heat exchanger

6.       PID regulates heating and cooling temperature

7.       Seam detector

8.       Internal spraying and pouring cleaning device

9.       Fabric plaiting device for fabric storage chamber

10.   Quantitative dyestuff-feeding system

11.   Second time mixed dyestuff system

12.   Layout plaiter

13.   Fan filter and dyeing liquor filter

14.   Main electric box controlled by touchable computer

15.   Stainless steel working platform

Capacity : 100KG---2000KG

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